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  • Automatic Reminder Notifications
  • Automatic update on your calendars
  • Simple & Powerful.

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What all you get in Schedule Maker?

Book your appointments anywhere, anytime. You just need to show up in the right time

One-click Schedule appointments

With a click, one can fix appointments using any device 24×7, Complete Convenience for customers

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Calendar Sync

Can sync bookings with your outlook or Google calendar to avoid double bookings for the same date.

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Control your availability

Can Manage multiple locations and employees, only show your clients the calendar that you want them to see. Works great for scheduling inside a group.

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Whenever appointments are booked, cancelled or rescheduled, E-mail & SMS Reminders will be sent to staff and clients.

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Accept Payments

With this software, you can accept online payments through a range of payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe and more or accept cash.

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Bookings details are secured. You’ll get secure communication and all the data backed up daily.

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Schedule maker cut downs the manual appointment scheduling time, by make the entire process very simple. Through this software you can

  • You can do recurring back-back bookings,
  • Book meetings for a whole group at once,
  • Reschedule/cancel the appointments anytime if the clients can’t able to show up.
  • Schedule all types of meeting.
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Customize your profile, prevent last minute meetings, set buffer times, Also you can.

  • Set Daily limits for maximum efficiency
  • Set Buffer times between meetings, to clean up and prepare for the next meeting.
  • Auto Adjust for Time zones, so that your clients can easily schedule or cancel their bookings from anyplace.
  • You can use your own logo and remove calendly branding for more personalized experience.
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You don’t have to manually update every client details. With Schedule maker you can

  • Include booking widget of this software in your Face book page, and website.
  • Integrate software with Go To Meeting, Salesforce, and Zapier.
  • Automatic update in Calendar when an appointment is scheduled.
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Schedule maker accepts partial, full payments at the time of scheduling an appointment. Also

  • Collect payments with Paypal and stripe integrations.
  • Can reduce the number of client’s no-showups
  • Flexible payment options.
  • Pay at anywhere, anytime.
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Schedule Maker is most suitable scheduler software for all the industries and all the verticals. Below are some of the industries Schedule Maker has a strong presence.



Real Estate


















Top companies using schedule maker software

What our customers say about Schedule maker

Before using Schedule Maker, scheduling interviews and meetings was taking up more than 3 hours a day. Now, our time is much more reduced and we are scheduling a meeting at a single click. I would absolutely recommend Schedule maker to anyone whose involves with a lot of meetings.

Mitchell TaylorBusiness consultant & Owner, MJ solutions

If you’re thinking about getting an online booking system, just try Schedule Maker. You can book any appointments from doctors, lawyers and saloons. I love Schedule Maker, wouldn’t use anything else to be honest.

Isha GuptaOwner, The Flowery

Schedule appointments from Schedule Maker is made easy for our patients and it is super easy to manage our bookings in an efficient manner.

Dr. Tim Thomas PaineChief doctor, The Family Doctor

When I first started I had new clients come to me not because of my experience, but because I was the easiest to schedule with.

Karthik VFounder, KSA Software
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5 Benefits of Best Appointment Scheduling Software for Small Business

The rise of the digital age has presented new challenges to the small businesses that rely on appointments and meetings with their clients. These businesses try to incorporate the technological advances into their business while keeping the privacy of the clients. Many such companies that rely on appointments and meetings with the clients face a dilemma of using appointment scheduling software to handle the appointment management. 

Most of the people prefer to use online scheduling as it provides them with a simple and convenient way to book an appointment with your business. The software allows the clients to schedule an appointment with your business from anywhere anytime they want. Depending on the features of the software, the clients can book, cancel, reschedule, or can even pay for the appointment in advance. The appointment planner software can offer many benefits to you and your customers.

Some of the benefits of best appointment scheduling software for small business  are:

  • Around the Clock Scheduling

With an appointment scheduling app, your customers can make a booking at any time they want, which can be very beneficial to your business. Customers prefer to reserve their appointments online. They prefer the companies that allow them to make bookings outside the usual 9 to 5 timing. Customers book their appointment after their business hours, so your business needs to have an appointment booking app that would allow them to schedule an appointment with your business 24*7. Manually booking the meeting around the clock might not be feasible in every case.

  • Easier Booking 

The traditional booking method can be quite tricky and can involve multiple communications between your customer and your business. The customer would have to call you and enquire about the time and date of booking. The person handling the appointment booking process would then check from the record to verify if that time and date are available or not. If possible, the client can make the booking, and if not, the customer will have to enquire for the time slot available and is also suitable to him or her. This may involve a lot of hassle for both the client and the person handling the appointments.  

With the online appointment scheduling software, the client can visit your website or your Facebook page to book the appointment. The customer will be able to check the available slots for booking and can book the one suitable for him or her. The process of booking an appointment with the tool becomes more straightforward, more comfortable and free of errors.

  • Minimal chance of Errors

With the use of appointment scheduling software for small business for appointment booking, you can rest be assured that there would be no chance of duplicate booking or multiple bookings at the same time. As the tool will show the clients all the times available to book, there will be no chance that you face many bookings at the same time. Also, there will be no chance that a client can have double bookings for him/her. This may help avoid the chances of errors. 

  • Provides Multichannel Scheduling

Staying in the competition in a tech-driven environment of today needs your business to communicate with your customers across multiple channels. An excellent multi-channel appointment planner software provides you with an option to integrate it across various channels so that customers can book an appointment from any channel they want to. The software allows you to integrate and provide different options to the customers for booking. 

  • Reduces No Show

No showcases can be a significant loss to your business as you might not be able to book an appointment instantly in case a customer does not show up. No show results into missed revenue opportunity and would be a waste of your time and effort.

An online appointment booking software can be a useful tool to reduce the no show issues. Very often, it includes a reminder that sends an SMS to the customer before their scheduled appointment. There is another way to reduce the no showcase, to add cancelling or rescheduling option. If a customer is not able to visit at the time of appointment, he or she may reschedule or cancel the appointment so that other clients can book the slot beforehand.

The appointment scheduling application can be very beneficial to your business and can help you increase your business’s ROI.

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A-List to Help You Choose the Best Appointment Scheduling Software

As a business owner, you always have to attend the meeting with your partners, clients, team members, and so on. So, it can be said that a business depends on appointments. Suppose, you've got the proper team, adequate funds in your pocket and steady promotion to keep engaging customers to your business and you're successful in running the business. What will happen if you miss any meeting on time, which can destroy your empire? However, success depends on how you sustain this method. Huge customers, more appointments and many employees, how can you manage all this growth? Think smart; you opt to for a schedule calendar automation and business solution. Solely currently you are feeling unacquainted with all the alternatives out there, that which one can suit your business' size and type? Well, you've come back to the correct place. We will assist you in selecting the most effective appointment diary software.

Easy to Use Backend Software 

Usability may not be the most energizing component to search for, yet it gives an essential establishment. The product must be more natural to use for both staff and customers who are reserving appointments. From a representative or staff point of view, a handy appointment calendar is critical to guarantee that the framework gets used. Search for a scheduler that emphasizes convenience or potentially a natural structure. Search for different indications of a simple using framework, for example, colour-coded schedules, which are more essential or comes very nearer and so forth. 

Security of Data and Information

Another absolute requirement in an appointment booking app is information security. Security should be a top necessity for organizations today as new security risks appear to make themselves known every day. An appointment scheduler can store pretty much every feature of your business alongside sensitive and very secret data. From customer records to payment schedule and data storage, it is entirely fundamental that the product is remarkably secure.  

A Streamlined appointment Page 

When it comes to a meeting with essential clients, sometimes it becomes difficult to arrange a calendar planner. Think about that once the customer is on your appointment book page, the person is almost halfway there. They are at the registration and are going to pay for your administration; in that capacity, the checkout procedure should be quick and basic. There shouldn't be any long queues or be troublesome in any capacity. If the registration procedure is troublesome, individuals set things back on the rack and leave the store. The equivalent is valid for online appointment scheduling. So the booking page should be fast and straightforward by dispensing with whatever number strides in the booking procedure as could be allowed). You may even need to search for a book page that aids the client through the booking procedure.

 A Functional, Customizable Scheduler 

One of the most significant pieces of your appointment planner should be alike, simply the real schedule. Besides, the appointment scheduling software should not only handy to use but also be functional. Search for a scheduler that is very adjustable. Think about what your specific booking requirements are, whatever they might be, and guarantee that the appointment booking software can suit your needs.

Additionally search for a time-tackler that matches up with outside appointment calendar, similar to Google Calendar. This gives an additional layer of accommodation and usefulness. Regardless you want to keep utilizing your outside schedule, or you have an outside schedule for individual use, its synchronizing choice should ensure that the two schedules are refreshed with the majority of your appointments. 

Mobile Friendly

This is a significant one and is vital from a business viewpoint, yet also to a client appointment point of view too. It is showed that more individuals got to the Internet using their cell phone than a personal computer. Harshly, organizations must pick an appointment software that enables individuals to book arrangements from their cell phones and that the booking page is versatile responsive. Nowadays, everything comes down to comfort. Individuals need the capacity to book an appointment during a period that is comfortable for them, whether that is on their mid-day break or nightfall. Organizations need to oblige their solicitations to be focused. The purpose behind of mobile-friendly appointment scheduling app is it enables the business to get to their up and coming timetable consistently, any place they might be.

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How Appointment Planner Software can help your Business?

Does your business rely on appointments with your clients? Do you find it difficult to plan and manage your appointments? 

Managing appointments can be even more difficult in cases of emergency bookings, rescheduled appointments, or no-show cases. Manually handling such a daunting task can be a hard nut to crack. 

An appointment planning software can be of great help for you to manage all the appointment schedules for you with ease.The software can manage all the appointment related tasks for you and can handle rescheduling and emergency appointments so you can concentrate on your clients without worrying about appointment management.

What is an Appointment Planner Software?

An appointment Planner software is a tool that allows your clients to book an appointment, cancel or reschedule it as per the client’s need. In case a client wants to book an appointment with your business, he or she would have to visit the website or Facebook page of your business and choose the date and time available for booking an appointment. 

The process is similar to making a reservation at a restaurant. However, the difference in these two is that the restaurant reservation system will only work in case of a restaurant as other businesses like salon, consulting firm and a medical office have a different set of requirements. 

Before you ask your clients to book the appointments on these tools, you need to provide information like what services are available to book, what are your business working timing, dates on which your staff and services are available for booking. The tool is helpful in voiding the cases of multiple booking or overbooking. You also get an option to block off the time for which some specific services are not available for booking. 

For example, you are running a medical office providing different medical services to your clients and one of your medical officers handling a skincare specialization took an off for a week. You can enter these days off in the tool in advance so that the patients do not book the appointment for skincare services while your specialist is not available to handle the queries. 

Features of a Good Appointment Planner Software

A good appointment scheduling software does a lot more than just giving the clients a chance to book their appointment for treatment, meeting or other services. These tools let the clients offer a chance to reschedule or cancel the appointments without a need to contact you directly. The tool eases out the task for the business managers and owners to handle the appointments. Here are some of the best features of a good appointment scheduling app

  • Flexible 

A good online appointment schedulingsoftware should be able to differentiate the different needs of different industries and businesses. It should let you customize the booking process according to your need. A community workshop offering gardening equipment renting should have a different process for booking then a medical office, offering different medical services to its patients. 

It should provide you an option to let the client choose from the menu of services your business offers. If your business has multiple stores or offers services at different locations, the software should let the clients choose the location of their choice.

  • Calendar Synchronization

Almost every appointment booking app allows you to sync with the calendar. This way, you can check your business appointment schedules along with your other personal and official meetings and tasks like going for a holiday, closed for renovation or on a specific day.

  • Payment process

A good appointment scheduling and planning tool allows you to provide an option of payment to your client at the time of booking. This allows the clients to make a deposit before booking or let the clients pay the upfront amount for the services. This way, your business will not be at loss in case the client doesn’t show up. Asking the clients to pay while scheduling is also helpful in keeping the business run smoothly. 

  • Multiple Access

The best scheduling software gives you a number of options from where the clients can book the appointment with your business. You can integrate the tool with your Facebook page, get an embed code to integrate it with your website and any other way you want to. You might also want to get a custom URL to add the tool to anywhere you want to. 

A good appointment-scheduling tool can help you in managing the appointment-booking task for you in an easy and simple way. The tool lets your customer book appointment from anywhere and anytime they want to.

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Comprehensive Guide to Appointment Scheduling Software

All You Need to Know About Appointment Scheduling Software

Businesses have gained a lot with the advent of advanced technology devices and tools, and the ability to gain more customers is one of the benefits. However, handling a higher number of clients requires organizations as well as individual practitioners to have a proper mechanism to schedule meetings effectively. Appointment scheduling software, another product of the digital tech available today, helps arrange meetings the easy way with features like automating scheduling tasks, reminders, calendar integration, and managing customers & employees, among others. Here's a brief guide that can help you understand such tools and enhance your efficiency.

Appointment Scheduling Software Types

A broad classification includes 2 types of appointment booking software, namely web-based SaaS systems and desktop applications.

  • Desktop Programs: These systems are equipped with robust features and are offered with a different license for each user. Desktop tools can be customized and installed on the user’s hardware to meet the specific needs of the concerned application. However, a downside to this category of appointment scheduling app is that the user is responsible for their maintenance, upgrade, and support and that there's any online portal for seamless access by customers and staff.
  • Web-based Systems: Web-based scheduling tools are referred to as SaaS (Software-As-A-Solution) services, wherein a hosted software solution is offered. This type offers the convenience of easy access and appointment booking facility for customers with anywhere, anytime access.

Key Features

Some of the critical features of an appointment planner include:

  • Online booking facility: Specifically with web-based systems, customers can easily schedule or reschedule as well as follow-up on the booked appointments through an intuitive interface over the internet.
  • Real-time Scheduling: Similar to the experience of booking a train ticket online, appointment scheduling software can handle booking requests in real-time. For instance, the tool can either reject an appointment immediately or create a waiting list for booking against any cancellation/reschedule.
  • Calendar Synchronization: Apart from creating an appointment over the app or an online portal, users can also sync third-party calendar apps like Google calendar to create and share multiple appointments at once. This can also be used to display available slots for customers to avoid overlapping multiple meetings.
  • Automatic Reminders: Many of the appointment software allow you to remind customers about their appointment time and date through SMS or email notification.
  • Online Payments: Many of the scheduling apps available today can be integrated with electronic payment gateways, allowing you to collect payment before confirming an appointment.


You can avail numerous benefits for your business by deploying an appointment booking app, some of which are explained below:

  • Prevents No-shows & Missing Appointments: By keeping a track on upcoming schedules, the software can send automated reminders to customers. Specific tools also enable customers to either confirm or cancel the appointment from the reminder notification, allowing businesses to be more efficient and productive.
  • Makes Staff More Efficient: With features like calendar synchronization, real-time scheduling, and online booking, these tools allow service professionals to avoid multiple bookings for a single time slot and save time managing multiple requests. Customers can choose from available time slots and confirm appointments without causing much hassle to the professionals.
  • Boosts Revenue: An efficient time management combined with no missed/no-show schedules help you make the most of your work duration. However, integration with payment gateway allows the service provider to collect a service fee from customers beforehand, which minimizes chances of cancellation while improving revenue.
  • Attract & Retain More Customers: With interactive navigation, easy scheduling procedure, and other features, a planner can deliver a better experience to attract more customers.

Choosing the Right Product

Before starting to make a purchase, it is essential to list down what all features will you need from the meeting planner. It can then be compared with those offered by some of the reputed software providers to find the best match. After finding a couple of suitable tools, you should opt for a free trial for a hands-on experience and pay for the one that delivers exact on your needs. Besides, you should also look for an industry-specific solution to avail features specific to the type of your business.

Thus, with such a comprehensive guide in hand, understanding and finding the right tool can make your job easy for your business.

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Why Should Your Business Use the Online Appointment Scheduling Software

What is Appointment Scheduling Software, and why should you use it?

Appointment Scheduling Software is the most essential and ideal tool for small and medium-sized businesses operating as medical practitioners, clinics, therapists, salons, and other similar businesses that rely on appointment booking. The tool allows them to manage the appointment booking in a better way. 

The software is used to automate the scheduling task and to arrange appointments and meetings through various channels online efficiently. Some of the features of these tools include:

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Calendar Sync
  • Rescheduling and Cancelling of Appointment
  • Payment processing
  • Multi-Channel integration
  • Mobile Compatibility

The appointment booking software can also be used to update the scheduling task and improve the efficiency and ROI of the business. 

Types of Appointment Scheduling Software

Appointment Booking Software can be classified into two major types:

  • Desktop Application: The licensed version of this tool is installed on the computer of the user. The tool has robust features and can be customized as per the requirements. However, these tools cannot be used online. Your customers and employees cannot access the tool online. The user has to operate, update and maintain the software.
  • Web-Based (SaaS): A hosted software solution, provided by third-party software providers, allows the customers to book their appointment with your business. The customers can access the tool anywhere anytime. 

Why use the appointment booking app?

What is the purpose of the appointment booking app? What are the advantages of using such tools? 

Here are some key advantages of using the appointment booking software:

  • Easy booking attracts the customers

Scheduling the appointment becomes more comfortable, and your customers can easily book an appointment with ease and can have a great user experience. The tool further allows them to schedule the appointment anytime, anywhere. Thus they don't have to wait for the business hours to schedule the appointment. In this way, you can market your appointment service more effectively to attract and retain your customers. 

  • Enhances ROI

The software can also automate the scheduling process and can help the employees focus on generating more revenue by handling more customers. The tool also integrates the payment gateway helping your customers pay while booking the appointment, resulting in speeding of the billing process and getting payments easily. 

  • Increases Efficiency of your Employees

During peak hours of your business, your employees handling the appointments might be busy dealing with the customers. If there is no appointment planner software in use, you might have to face problems like double booking, which might cause customers’ dissatisfaction and can reduce your efficiency. The software helps the customers in scheduling and rescheduling the appointments without having to involve an employee to confirm the booking, hence increasing their efficiency.

  • Reduces No Show

The software tracks the appointments and sends reminders to the customers regarding their appointments through call, email or text. The best appointment scheduling software for small business allows your customers to confirm the appointment through the reminders. This helps you minimize the no-show cases and allows you to utilize the time in a better way.

What does an online appointment scheduling Software do?

  • Booking the Appointment Online

The software allows your customers to book, reschedule or even cancel the appointment online. Good software allows you to manage the booking process across multiple channels.

  • Scheduling the Staff

You can easily manage the working hours of your employees by real-time monitoring of the employees’ calendar. 

  • Customer Scheduling

Customers can see the calendars and bookings of all the professionals in your business and can opt to book an appointment with the employee of their choice.

  • Real-time Scheduling

It allows you to confirm or deny the appointment after the request for booking is made by a customer, depending on the availability of booked time slot. You can also add a waiting list so that the waiting appointments can be replaced in case of cancelling or rescheduling of an existing booking. 

  • Reminders

The tool can be configured to send an automated call, text or email to remind thee customers of their upcoming appointment. 

  • Online Payment

Many online appointment scheduling apps provide you with an option to integrate payment gateways so that the customers can make payment while scheduling the appointment. The payment integration also increases the chances of customers showing up for the appointment.  

The appointment scheduling software helps you effectively manage the appointment scheduling task for your business without any involvement of human resources.

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Why your Small Business needs Appointment Scheduling Software?

The modern marketing practices suggest that you should reduce the steps between a customer and purchase. Usually, the service providing businesses rely heavily on the customers calling for appointment booking. Using the traditional way of appointment booking not only wastes human resources but also limits the boking process to be available only for regular business hours. Customers who prefer to make a booking after the business hours will opt for a business that provides booking services around the clock. 

To address the issue, small businesses are using appointment scheduling software to handle the booking process. This software syncs seamlessly with your calendar and lists out the slots available to the customers through various channels like website, Facebook page, or your business app. The customers can book the appointment easily using these channels. The booking is synced automatically with your and customer’s calendar. This also avoids other customers to book an appointment in the same slot. 

The most ideal appointment scheduling software for small business has features like payment support, automatic reminders, multi-channel sync, and CRM integration.

Advantages of Appointment Planner Software

  • Keeps your business Online around the clock

As most of the appointments are made during the evening time after the working hours, you may end up losing business if you rely on conventional phone process. Your business would need an online appointment scheduling software to let the users book an appointment anywhere anytime. The online appointment booking feature on your website or app will also provide a seamless booking experience to the customers. 

  • Saves workforce and time

With a traditional appointment booking process, your business would need dedicated manpower to attend the calls, messages, and emails for appointment-related queries. You might also spend a substantial amount of resources and time on calling back the customers who called your business after the business hours. You also need a seamless integration between different persons handling the task of the appointment. This increases the chance of overlapping bookings due to communication gap. 

The software would not require any additional employee to handle the appointment tasks. Moreover, the software synchronizes with various channels avoiding any chances of overlapping of appointment booking 

  • Better management

The online appointment scheduling apps keep the calendar synced with your appointments and activities. There might be times when you or one of the team member is not available to take appointments. You can sync your activities and appointments. Helping customers understand the time slots available for booking. This helps in better management and administration of the booking process.

  • No Chance of Human errors

Manual booking may result in various human flaws like more than one client getting the same time slot, or booking two slots for one person. An appointment booking app can help you eradicate such flaws even if there are multiple channels involved. 

  • Automatic Reminders

The appointment scheduling software can send you an email, SMS or automated call reminder before your scheduled time. A useful appointment scheduling tool will give you and your customers an option to choose if you want to receive reminders through SMS, email, or call. The tool can help you remember about the appointment, so you or your customers do not skip the appointment on the booked slot. Although no one wants a reminder now and then. An excellent tool lets you and your customers manage the frequency and channel of reminders.

  • Reduces No Show

With scheduled reminders and notifications, the tool helps in reducing the chances of no show. The software allows the users to cancel easily, or reschedule the appointment in case they are not able to show at the booked time, and so helps your customers to reschedule to a later time, giving you a time to manage the available time slot for other customers.

  • Payment Integration

Most of the online appointment scheduling software allows you to integrate payment methods so that the customer can pay upfront while booking the appointment. It also reduces the chances of no show. In case, there is a no-show case; your business would not be in a complete loss. 

  • Increases ROI

With features like rescheduling and 24/7 booking availability, there would be increased in the customers relying on your tool for booking, resulting in better business and increased ROI.

An appointment planning software can be a great benefit to help small businesses manage the complex appointment booking process in a simple way providing several benefits over the traditional phone booking process.